Bay Boats

NauticStar Bay boats come standard with a performance system that is unequalled in boats ranging from 19 to 24 feet. Combine this with industry leading Yamaha four-stroke outboards and you will not only get out of the hole fast, you will have power, stability, and top end performance that will have the competition trailing in your wake. Whichever NauticStar Bay boat model you choose, you’ll be secure in the spacious and stable deck and have excellent fishability benefits such as ample storage, aerated livewells and excellent rod management.

249 Bay Boat Running Bay Circle Dashboard view

249 BAY

249 Bay Boat

227 BAY

A girl fishes from the deck of a NauticStar 227 XTS center console boat

215 BAY

A man reels in a big catch from the casting deck of a NauticStar 215XTS boat while a woman watches from the transom

195 BAY

A man fishes near the center console seat of a NauticStar 195XTS boat at dawn