Bay Boats

Nautic Star’s NauticBay series offers comfort and fishability in models ranging from 19 to 26 feet. This lineup is unrivaled in quality and performance, equipped with practical amenities for a serious angler. Each model features Yamaha Power Matching, rod lockers and fishboxes, exceptional acceleration with planning pods and air-assist chines – part of NauticStar’s STAR Performance System.

Family on a NauticStar Bay Boat Bay Circle Dashboard view


NauticStar 265XTS on water

227 XTS

Two men captaining NauticStar 227 XTS

227 Bay

227 Bay Running on water with passengers

215 XTS

A couple running the NauticStar 215 XTS

215 XTS SB

A couple running the NauticStar 215 XTS SB

2400 Sport

A couple running the NauticStar 2400 Sport

2140 Sport

A couple running the NauticStar 2140 Sport

2140 Shallow Bay

Man captaining the NauticStar 2140 Shallow Bay

195 Bay / XTS

Man captaining the NauticStar 195 Bay/XTS

251 Hybrid

Three women joining a man captaining the NauticStar 251 Hybrid

231 Hybrid

Three women lounge while a man captains the NauticStar 231 Hybrid

211 Hybrid

Two women and a man lounge while another man captains the NauticStar 211 Hybrid