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NauticStar Boats are manufactured with the highest design, engineering and construction standards in the industry. Our state-of-the-art plant is second to none when it comes to processes and our staff takes pride in making sure quality and attention to detail are top priority.

The engineers, designers and craftsman at NauticStar are rich in boat building know how. Three generations of hands on experience have lead to knowledge of what will simply work and what will work exceptionally well.

You Won't Find a Better Ride Than In a NauticStar


about-water-testEvery NauticStar boat is Water Tested before leaving the plant. They are meticulously inspected to make sure every feature is working flawlessly.

Our Staff makes sure every NauticStar boat passes one of the boating industry’s most rigorous quality control tests where the only passing grade is PERFECT before it is shipped.


All of NauticStar Boats feature 100% wood-free construction. Wood doesn’t last as long as composite material and, no wood–means no wood to rot or weaken the integrity of the boat. Hulls and decks receive layer after layer of hand layered fiberglass for strength and durability.

The marine vinyl ester barrier coat makes for a highly durable hull that resist cracking and corrosion for a longer hull life. The beautiful GEL-coat sheen is precision sprayed and remains shiny with the polished look for the life of the boat.



Each boat has a molded, one-piece foam filled fiberglass stringer system that makes for industrial-strength structural integrity. Some of the competition use pieced-together stringers that are weak and leads to structural fatigue. In addition to the stringer, the spaces between the stringers are also foam-filled. This increases flotation and safety as well as provides better sound damping and vibration reduction.


Fiberglass inner liner is a one-piece molded deck that has a shoebox fit, triple fastened to the hull that is bonded to the hull with stainless steel fasteners every 2 inches and sealed. The water tight fit means water doesn’t get into the inner cavities of the boat.

The fiberglass inner liner is an integral part of the self-bailing cockpit and is the 2nd part of the 3-piece boat construction. All 3 parts are merged together so that it slices through the water as a one-piece vessel.

All NauticStar boats have self-bailing cockpits. This feature is built into the fiberglass inner liner and provides a channel for water to drain off of the deck with a system of scuppers in the back, drains in the floor or back corner, in the transom or side. Hoses channel water off the deck and out of the boat.

CONSTRUCTION | Highest Quality Parts & Material

3D CAD Design for accuracy and efficiency

3D CAD Design for accuracy, precision, and efficiency for every boat manufactured.

Wood-free composite material

Wood-free composite material, durable and long lasting.

Triple fastened to hull with coated stainless steel fasteners every 2 inches

Triple fastened deck to hull coated stainless steel fasteners bond deck to hull every 2" and sealed

Waterproof Deutche connectors resist saltwater corrosion

Waterproof Deutche connectors resist saltwater corrosion



NauticStar produces its own custom upholstery for every boat built for greater quality control and product development.


You Won't Find a Better Ride Than In a NauticStar

All tooling is cut out with a computerized 5 axis router to ensure truer lines and better deck to hull setting.

All tooling is cut out with a computerized 5 axis router to ensure truer lines and better deck to hull setting.

In rough seas, you won’t find a better ride than a NauticStar. The vee on our boats continuously sharpen from the transom to the bow. The deep vee bow means a softer, drier ride. Less vee at the stern offers stability at rest.

Overhead of NauticStar Boats manufacturing plant


Founded in 2002, NauticStar is located on 17 acres in Amory Mississippi. With more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space, NauticStar is one of the top producers of high quality bay boats, deck boats and offshore center console boats from 18 to 28 feet. Professional and sport fishermen, recreational and pleasure boating enthusiasts appreciate the many standard and available features that are offered by NauticStar for a customized fit for their lifestyle.

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