Not Your Last NauticStar

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Mike has been a Minnesota boater more than 35 years and is on the water at least once a week. Since his boating journey began, he has owned 9 boats built by multiple other manufacturers, and he reached out to us through social media to compliment the durability of his NauticStar 22 XS.

In mid-October, Mike, his family, and friends were spending three days in a Canal Home in Rockport, Texas where they love to fish in their favorite spots. After a day of fishing, he and his crew were on their way back to their rental from Redfish Cut. Riding at 30mph, they approached what looked to be a debris mat, but Mike noticed that there was a giant piece of lumber in his path. He recognized the obstruction too late to completely avoid hitting the wood. As an experienced boater, Mike did his best to keep him and his crew safe. “I spun the suicide knob like a kid’s toy and held on to the T-top brace.  The stern shifted violently to the right as we hit the log at an angle,” said Mike. He expected the motor to be gone and the transom destroyed, but to his surprise, everything was still intact. After a quick on-water check, he took the precautions to make it shore safely. When he attained a lift two days later, he was delighted to find that his 22 XS only suffered from scuffs on the keel as if the boat ran up on gravel, but absolutely no hull damage or leaking.

He purchased his NauticStar 22 XS when he decided to look for saltwater boats after so much experience in lakes. He stated that he wanted something with a worthy hull design and locking rod holders, and he found his perfect saltwater craft at Premier Yamaha Boating Center in San Antonio. He and his wife Tammie suspect that the 22 XS will not be their last boat, but when they decide to go for boat number 10, that it will be a NauticStar for certain.

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