Learning on a Legacy

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Meet Marissa. You may have seen one of her many catches tagged on our Instagram page.

Marissa grew up in Jacksonville, F.L., and works full-time as a civil defense attorney. Marissa enjoys her time on the water, but she didn’t grow up owning a boat or fishing. That changed when she met her boyfriend, Edgar Sanchez, in law school. 

Edgar loves fishing and has experience fishing in Miami and in the Florida Keys. Both having the desire to spend time on the water, they knew they had to search for the perfect boat that met their needs for both sport fishing and relaxing with friends and family.

After weeks of research and comparing different boat models and brands, they purchased a NauticStar 2102 Legacy. They chose this specific model for its versatility. Their 2102 Legacy gives them the ability to go through narrow, shallow creeks but also venture into deeper water for those offshore catches. 

While Marissa didn’t intend to become such a fan of fishing, it quickly became one of her favorite activities to do on the boat. Her favorite part about their NauticStar is that they have enough room to move around the boat when fighting a fish or change out gear as they troll. It’s the perfect size to accommodate the couple but also a few family members and their dogs.

“We really enjoy the versatility of the boat as we are able to get into pretty narrow and shallow creeks inshore, but also get offshore in a relatively quick time into much deeper water,” Marissa said.

Now, they spend most of their weekends 30-40 miles offshore from Mayport or St. Augustine, F.L. They fish for anything and everything, and they love to post some of their greatest catches for us to see. 

Thank you, Marissa, for joining the NauticStar family and letting us play a part in your new love for fishing.

Learn more about NauticStar Boats’ Legacy boats at www.nauticstarboats.com/legacy-series/