Center Console Boats – The Best On the Water

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Have you found yourself standing at a boat show or dealership feeling overwhelmed? Rubbing your eyes to focus? There are lots of hulls and styles to choose from. Which is the right style or brand for you? 

Girl Throws beach ball with friend in water next to a NauticStar 231 Hybrid
Something for everyone: the Center Console boat

Boating means so many different things. Fishing, cruising, day boating, and skiing to name just a few activities. With all of the options and brands, it is hard to know which boat breaks away from the rest in its lifestyle offerings and performance.

Rest assured. There IS a mold that stands out as particularly unique: the center console. It is the best boat for the times, because of its versatility, handling and options. Let us explain.

A boat shouldn’t do just one thing well. A center console boat can handle all types of activity on the water. It can simultaneously accommodate serious fishing and family entertaining without limitation or sacrifice. Its walkaround layout, with U- and L-shaped wraparound seating, bow fillers and jump seats, cater to relaxation on board even when there is fishing action off the aft, bow or gunnel. 

Not only that, but a center console can handle TONS of cruising conditions and locations. Let’s turn now, specifically, to NauticStar center console’s hull.

All NauticStar hulls are saltwater-ready and built for the elements. They can tackle all sorts of weather conditions, especially in inland and northern great lakes. NauticStar is also known for having well-engineered running surfaces that ride and track smoothly and perform well. You get to the right speed easily, so you can get to where you want to go quickly and comfortably. NauticStar center consoles are engineered to give a high, dry ride, with a nice lift out of the water. They have the versatility to run in both shallow depths and in heavy water.

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“With a NauticStar center console, it’s easy to get in and start boating. It’s also easy to be confident in larger water. So if you’re on bigger water and weather comes up, you have confidence that you’re going to be able to get through it and have a great experience,” says Jay Poole, Sales Manager of Buckeye Marine

NauticStar center consoles come ready to be customized. That means you are not paying for stuff you don’t want, and capturing the value you need. “The center-console, especially the way NauticStar builds it, is ready to be upfit, and in a lot of circumstances, is a bit of a blank canvas. It’s really easy to install downriggers and trolling plates. You’ve got rod holders storage in ideal places on a NauticStar, but it’s easy to customize options and accessories with the way that they’re built,” Jay adds.

Don’t get buried in a pile of brands, options and offerings. A center console boat will satisfy everyone in your family, whether they like to fish, play, cruise, or just escape offshore. And in all of these circumstances, NauticStar will exceed your expectations.