‘First Look’ from Boats.com Reviews the NauticStar 2500XS

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By Lenny Rudow of Boats.com | Posted April 12, 2015

The 2015 NauticStar 2500 XS Offshore sat bobbing at the dock, with a pair of twin F150 Yamaha four-stroke outboards hanging from the transom. How could we resist taking a sea trial?

Well, obviously, we couldn’t. In fact, boats.com reviewers took dozens of boats off the dock during the show. But the NauticStar was a highlight, for me. Because quite often, relatively small builders create some of the most interesting boats. And while NauticStar is no B-league player it isn’t exactly Sea Ray, either.
So, why is the 2500 XS Offshore more interesting than the average mass-produced fishing boat? Take construction as one example. It starts with 3D CAD designs, both hull and deck are 100-percent composite, stringers are molded glass, the hull-to-deck joint is fastened every two inches and sealed, and when all is said and done, NauticStar water-tests every hull before it’s shipped from the plant.