Why Buy NauticStar? Unmatched Quality, Innovation, Design and Performance

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Whether you are in the market for a boat for professional tournament fishing, recreation, or family fun, NauticStar knows it is a big decision. That is why NauticStar manufactures bay boats, deck boats and offshore boats with the highest quality and construction standards in the industry. Every boat is built with unmatched quality, beautifully and ergonomically designed, and will give you years of outstanding performance on the water. To fully appreciate these boats though, you need to “see it to believe it”. Visit your local NauticStar dealer to find just the right model that fits your needs and lifestyle.

  • NauticStar is a well-established, privately owned and operated boat manufacturer since 2002. With more than 25 years of boat manufacturing experience, NauticStar has earned a reputation for reliability, quality, and consistency, even during tough economic times.
  • NauticStar is so confident in its quality and construction standards that it backs-it-up with a Limited Lifetime Hull Warranty on every boat leaving the factory.
  • All of NauticStar Boats feature 100% wood free construction. Wood doesn’t last as long as composite material and, no wood–means no wood to rot or weaken the integrity of the boat.
  • Another manufacturing process that protects your investment is the vinyl ester barrier coat. The marine vinyl ester coat makes for a highly durable hull that resist cracking and corrosion for a longer hull life. The beautiful gel-coat sheen stays shiny with the polished look for the life of the boat.
  • Each boat has a molded, one-piece foam filled fiberglass stringer system that makes for industrial-strength structural integrity. Some of the competition use pieced-together stringers that are weak and leads to structural fatigue. In addition to the stringer, the spaces between the stringer are also foam-filled. This increases flotation and safety as well as provides better sound damping and vibration reduction.
  • NauticStar manufactures all of its RTM close molded fiberglass lids in-house. These tough and durable components are specially designed to be water tight with a perfect and stylish fit. They are finished on both sides so they look nice opened or closed.
  • Fiberglass inner liner, which is also an integral part of the self-bailing cockpit, is the 2nd part of the 3-piece boat construction. All 3 parts are merged together so that it slices through the water as a one-piece vessel. The fiberglass inner liner is a one-piece molded deck that has a shoebox fit, triple fastened to the hull that is bonded to the hull with stainless steel fasteners every 2 inches and sealed. The water tight fit means water doesn’t get into the inner cavities of the boat.
  • NauticStar uses the highest quality marine grade components available such as the Waterproof Deutche® Connectors. These environmentally sealed, waterproof, electrical connectors protect the electrical system from the extreme wet saltwater or freshwater conditions and corrosion. Also, NauticStar uses all Stainless Steel Hardware that is rust resistant, stain resistant, and very durable. Included in the stainless steel hardware, Double Barrel Hinges are used throughout the boats. These hinges are very efficient and prevent scrubbing and provide for a nice seal on fish boxes, baitwells and storage lockers.
  • All NauticStar boats have self-bailing cockpits. This feature is built into the fiberglass inner liner and provides a channel for water to drain off of the deck with a system of scuppers in the back, drains in the floor or back corner, in the transom or side. Hoses channel water off the deck and out of the boat.
  • The Nautic Bay and Angler Sport Deck boats feature Flip-up jumpseats. These functional additions easily convert from a fishing platform to comfortable seating.
  • Sport Deck boats come with Leather-touch Upholstery. This vinyl material has the feel and comfort of leather with a durable multi-directional expanded backing.
  • With more than 24 models to choose from, NauticStar offers a wide selection of NauticBay Bay Boats, Sport Deck Boats and XS Series Offshore, Center Console Boats. Each come with an amazing lineup of standard features as well as options that allow you to customize your boat to fit your lifestyle or fishing preferences.
  • Yamaha Outboards is the leading name in boat motors and systems. NauticStar’s Yamaha Power Matched Package means each boat uses original Yamaha gauges, controls, and cables to go along with the Yamaha motor.
  • NauticStar’s XTS bay boats and sport deck series includes the STAR Performance System. The acronym “STAR” stands for Shallow water draft for skinny water fishing in bay boats and for easy beaching and shallow water fishing in deck boats. The T stands for Tournament ready in bay boats. The XTS boats have 2 tournament livewells and up to 28 rod storage. In deck boats, the T stands for Tow–they are a great tow boat due to the aft deadrise and width of the transom. A stands for exceptional Acceleration due to the planing pods and air assist chines. Finally, the R stands for Ride. NauticStar boats offer a great ride due to the sharp entry Vee hull forward.

Why buy NauticStar? Because no other boat company offers the combination of quality manufacturing with beautiful designs and performance like NauticStar. Check out one of our great boats at your nearest NauticStar dealer or a Boat Show near you.