NauticStar’s 243DC Sport Deck Featured in Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine

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NauticStar pushes innovation and style to the next level with the launch of its new 243DC Sport Deck, which replaced the second generation 230DC. The release of the 243DC Sport Deck has already garnered a lot of attention for the improvements NauticStar advanced in the deck boat industry with the new runabout style and numerous features. The 243DC is the flagship of the NauticStar family of deck boats; it completes the NauticStar third generation redesign sport deck series of boats, placing the number at a solid five models. The 243DC is the crown jewel of the series, boasting a 24-foot, 3-inch length, a 102-inch beam, and is capable of a maximum 300hp engine.

Boat Features

The NauticStar deck boat brand share several key features that set NauticStar apart from its competitors. They include leather-touch upholstery, wood-free construction of the craft, watertight Deutsch electrical connectors on all lights and pumps, one-piece foam filled fiberglass stringer system, a limited lifetime warranty and the NauticStar STAR Performance System. These deck boat features represent standards of construction, wiring, and buyer protections that are as important to NauticStar as their brand and name are to the company.

The exclusive NauticStar STAR Performance System includes: S: Shallow water draft for ease of beaching and shallow water fishing; T: Tow-Great due to the aft deadrise and width at the transom; A: Acceleration due to the planing pods and air assist chine and R: Ride, utilizing the sharp entry Vee Hull forward.

Quick Glance

pdb-graphic3The first impressions of the 243DC begin upon entering the craft. One of the first features noticed is that the rear entry seat flips up, eliminating the need to step over, and often on, the upholstery, which is an indispensable feature when entering the boat. The seating arrangement of the aft of the ship includes two chaises, lining the port and starboard of the boat, each with removable backrests for increased bench seating, and both facing aft to keep a lackadaisical eye on swimmers, skiers being pulled by the boat, or the receding shoreline. With a mind toward maximizing space, storage is available under the rear-entry seat. With increased capacity to carry weight and people, the new 243DC includes 16 different drink holders and eight different storage areas located throughout.The most impressive features and accommodations are found midship. Located portside is a changing room with table storage, a sink with a pressurized hand-held shower, and a mirror. Starboard features a galley with another sink and a Corian countertop set above storage space housing a waste bin.The cockpit is a modular helm with a padded, non-directional steering wheel. The dash, complete with eyebrow to shield and protect the gauges, includes a trim gauge, tachometer, speedometer and a fuel gauge, the cockpit also houses the stereo controls. The 243DC sound system is a step up from the 230DC predecessor with improved waterproof speakers and superior equalized sound. Finally, the eye is drawn to the 243DC full wraparound walkthrough panoramic windshield, the walkthrough, complete and feel of it,” says Tim. with folding doors to shut out the wind when fully engaging the boat’s engine.The front deck of the 243DC includes molded-in docking lights, fitted anchor and ladder lockers. An insulated cooler in the bow of the ship can be easily converted into a livewell that includes an overboard drain to keep water out of interior of the boat.


pdb-graphic2While the stock and standard 243DC is plenty of boat for even the most avid water sport family, there are options available to customize and maximize the NauticStar 243DC boating experience. The most popular upgrade is the Fishing Package, which includes a fishing seat, trolling motor harness, aerated livewell and a battery tray. The Fishing Package has everything the expert—and novice—angler needs to convert their deck boat into a serious fishing rig. With these additions the 243DC is transformed from a deck boat into a competition-worthy craft, ready to tackle any fishing endeavor.

Additionally, the 243DC, and all of NauticStar’s sport deck boat series, are designed to offer maximum performance from different motor types. While there is nothing quite like experiencing the power of the Yamaha F250 or F200 when cruising around the water, the boat does perform amiably, even proficiently, with smaller engines.

Bringing It All Together

When it comes to deck boats, nothing rivals the new NauticStar 243DC. Fashion, style, convenience, the entire presentation and packaging of the craft are designed to impress a life of leisure on the water, away from the cares and worries of land. Fully-loaded and equipped, the deck boat becomes an ideal pleasure or fishing boat for everyone to tackle and enjoy. NauticStar set the bar high with its new 243DC.